• Augmented Reality X Virtual Reality

    Augmented reality (AR) is a view of the real, physical world in which users find elements enhanced by computer-generated input. Designers create inputs ranging from sound to video, to graphics to GPS overlays, and more, in digital content that responds in real-time to changes in the user's environment, usually movement.


    Virtual reality (VR) is the experience of full immersion in a simulated world achieved via hardware—e.g., headsets—and software. Designers create VR experiences—e.g., virtual museums—transporting users to 3D environments where they freely move and interact to perform predetermined tasks and attain goals

  • Augmented Reality Development

    Save the Children AR Activation

    Augmented Reality campaign for "Save the Children" activation campaign for people to send donation though online payment. And also a AR that triggers people to visit thier website and be involve for change.

    AR Brand Activation Campaign

    AR Brand invites and activation tickets for special launches and events.

    AR Brand Activation Campaign Poster and Prints Execution

    AR Brands can activate their campaign via customized content making it more exclusive to the customer and user.

    AR Brand Activation Campaign for Property

    Simple AR presentation for property development and quick explainer to customers.

    AR Brand Activation Campaign for Car

    Car Demo AR.

    Can be used for:

    • AR simple game
    • Data gathering for customers
    • initial invites for test drive
    • Event  product invites


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