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    LFX Multimedia Studio is a digital multimedia-based creative solution company with two subsidiaries thekontak.com that focuses on providing hybrid e-commerce and our gifting service Createveph.com. We help our customers increase their income and decrease their expenses by integrating marketing, business goods, and logistical solutions. Like the production of 3D assets, to the deployment of augmented reality and virtual reality, Not Limited to the Press Alone.
    We provide full-service printing, fulfillment, storage, and reporting capabilities in addition to flexible web-based technologies. We can handle all of your marketing advertising requirements so that you can concentrate on running your business.

    Immersive VR Simulation

    Concept + Experience

    From Concept design, storyboard and execution, we create VR experience that is intuitive, educational and interactive. Featured here is a VR simulation of "Malinta Tunnel" a WWII bunker. where students can relive the experience of WWII.

    Introduction to the New World of AR/VR design.

    Connect + Collaborate = Great Idea

    We are very much in passion of sharing our interest in AR/VR media, and in opening new idea for exploration. School talks and conference. We are very much open in sharing and collaborating new ideas. Connect with us or set an appointment. Say Hello & Connect!

    Visual Storytellers

    Connect + Collaborate = Great Idea

    Multimedia Designers generate captivating imagery in 3D simulation and pre-visualization using conceptual images, videos, and graphics. Our values are defined by art, design, visuals, film, and life. Art's best works may help us foresee the future and give our clients a unique experience. Our crafts evolve. We'll make high-quality materials together.

    + Pre-Vis + 3D Asset Development.

    360-degree video creation and VR/AR

  • Promotional

    You won't have to sift through hundreds of options; we'll find the perfect inexpensive promotional gift or giveaway for your business.


    We produce and provide all of the marketing collateral that will help your group successfully communicate your story to customers and potential partners.


    You may reach your prospects with tailored direct mail by adopting the newest strategies of efficient direct mail campaigns while keeping your campaign on schedule and under budget.

  • Blogs

  • AR Exhibit for Nissan Kicks Launch 2022

    Visual, Mapping projection and AR for the New Nissan Kicks Launch presentation, Held in Ayala Mall Bay.

    Agency: Brand On Demand

    Client: Nissan Philippines

    Devs: LFX-X1D

    AR New Nissan Kicks

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